Labour services

Operations include:

Shoot thinning
Sucker removal
Wire lifting
Bunch thinning
Leaf plucking


Administrative management provided by the partners include:

Fungicide programming
Disease monitoring
Irrigation programming
Crop estimates
Grower liason with winery
Re working trellis and vine structure

Hand pruning

Peninsula Vinecare has a dedicated  pruning crew most of whom have worked with us over many years and have become very skilled in both spur and cane pruning. An  experienced PVC staff member remains with the crew throughout in a both a supervisory and hands on role.

Barrel pruning

To facilitate the clearance of the bulk of the unwanted cane material from the trellis prior to the definitive spur pruning we have available a Pellenc barrel pruner. This a cost effective means of largely eliminating an otherwise laborious, and boring task.

Vine removal

With increasing vine age and an associated increase in the prevalence of eutypa, together with the need to change to new varieties or clones, there is a need to remove vines and to do so efficiently.

Traditionally vine removal can be a messy and time consuming process. However PVC has developed a stump corer that will remove the main root mass of the vine leaving a neat planting hole without disturbing the shape of the existing undervine soil configuration or leaving large clods of earth in the vinerow itself.

vine removal

Eutypa Prevention fungicide spraying

As the vineyards of the Mornington peninsula age eutypa dieback is becoming more prevalent. PVC has developed a post pruning spray application of a eutypa suppressing fungicide applied with an over row recycling spray rig driven by quad bike for low impact during the wet winter months.

Eutypa spray rig

Fertiliser application

PVC offers soil testing and subsequent fertiliser application services.

Cover Crop Sowing

In tandem with fertiliser application in the management of the vineryard floor, we offer direct drilling of winter and summer cover crops.

Vineyard services

Foliar Spraying

PVC has single, double and 3 row spray rigs in our fleet. This flexibility allows all vineyard and headland configurations (except ultra narrow rows) to be accessed and effectively covered. Together with a carefully targeted , ethical and sustainable spray programme we have amassed an excellent record in delivering clean, disease free fruit. All of our programmes are compliant with current regulations.

services for Vineyards

Undervine management

PVC offers a range of options to manage the undervine strip. We are happy to discuss individual needs and wishes.

Mulch mow and sweep

We have vine sweepers and mulching equipment which can be used alone or in combination to deal with the vine material after pruning.

services for Vineyards


PVC has drop centre and flat deck mowers from 1.5m to 2.0m in width that will side throw spring or winter swards to mulch the undervine area.  PVC also has a range of drop centre twin drive mowers from 1.5m to 2.0m width acomodating various row widths and contours.


Machine trimming

PVC has a range of half, single and double row trimmers to ensure vineyards are trimmed to the owners specifications.


Timing is critical when it comes to protecting ripening grapes. PVC have both Tatura and Netwizz machines and have extensive experience in applying nets with a range of widths  covering multiple rows.

We also source for sale quality nets at competitive prices.



Our experienced full time staff work closely with our picking crews to ensure that the fruit is carefully sorted in the vineyard and is of optimal quality before delivery to the winery.

We also offer machine harvesting services using our ‘state of the art’ Pellenc harvester with its Selectiv processor which delivers ultra clean fruit in a highly efficient manner.

Services include:

Winery Liaison through ripening period to pick date

Hand harvesting and support crew

Machine harvesting

Fruit loading and transport to winery.

Harvesting services

Vineyard Installation and repair

PVC offers experienced vineyard design, surveying, installation and, of course, management. Our modern post rammer, experienced operators and survey tools give accurate and reliable results.

Vineyard Installation